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Make crypto mining accessible to everyone

MEZ Innovation Inc. strives to make crypto mining accessible to anyone with access to electricity and the internet with our stylish and simple to use crypto mining appliance. By providing users with a pre- assembled machine and easy to navigate app to control the device, MEZ’s AI program will take on the task of optimizing which mining pools to join - allowing users to start earning cryptocurrency with the touch of a button.

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Currently investors in cryptocurrency mining are faced with several major problems: high requirements of technical knowledge, high energy cost and high centralization of mining rigs. MEZ aims to make cryptocurrency investment accessible to every household, regardless the user’s technical knowledge on cryptocurrency, with lower energy cost. Besides, an AI program that will optimize which coin/token would be best to mine at any given time.

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MEZ will open up the market in the North America first, from Canada, and expand across the world. Canada has various industry clusters for crypto mining. It will target: the enthusiast who has got prior investment experience in fin-tech, the curious investor who are from traditional industries and having strong interest in crypto mining and, the newbie who are young who are creative and ambitious to make fortune from crypto mining.

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The company adopts the combined business models composed of direct sales and subscription. MEZ will sell the Smart Cryptocurrency Mining Machine in affordable prices at the same time charging 10% of the cryptocurrency mining revenue from each machine unit. They provide installments and financial support services to lower the entry barriers for young aged customers.

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